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Customized / car airfoil fin
Spec 353mm(w)/250mm(L)/107mm(D)
Weight 1.015kg
connector 1/4'


  1. 1. VITAL COOLER has over-contemporary new coolers for auto modification which are the globally first ones with aerodynamic fin-less heat transfer as technic core, greatly increase airflow contact areas for heat transfer as well as high airflow turbulence, and their high rigidity, impact resistance can get over all deteriorated driving circumstances to secure your cars.
    2. VITAL COOLER was developed by both German and Taiwan high tech teams. Its complete new designs are presented in front of people worldwide, enhance your equipment beautiful look and enrichment with simple appearance/bright colors to bring more visual effect standing out with individual style and uniqueness
    3. Use 100% non-corrosion soluble soldering, not corrosion/high pressure resistance only, but easy to clean off. Anodizing on appearance completely comply with ROHS standards.

    4. VITAL COOLER unique globally/world patents